2019 September: Proud to be both the engine designer and the brake caliper designer for the quickest and fastest stopping "production" car in the world

2018 December: Article in Uddeholm magazine about my work at Koenigsegg

2017 November: Finally, fastest and quickest "production" car in the world

2016 October: Not only engines, topology optimization and design of chassis in USA- for 3D printed car at Divergent 3D

2015 December: Combustion system simulation and design for OEM project

2015 July: Atom Engineering AB (Limited company) is now the engineering/consulting company

2015 June: Supervising two M.Sc. students, thesis presentation- simulation of novel combustion concept

2015 March: Design of Hybrid Powertrain for OEM

2015 January: Design of single cylinder light duty optical research engine for OEM project

2014 June: Thomas is now working 100% as a consultant.

2014 May: Design of single cylinder heavy duty optical research engine for OEM project

2014 February: Finally some time for own engine, the Atom W-9 engine is up and running. First impression beside the awesome sound is the low vibration level.

2014 January: The inauguration of the new combustion research laboratory at Lund University. The 6 million Euro investment adds 6 new test cells. The test cells are updated with new modular research equipment for flexible and accurate control and are easily adapted between metal and optical testing. As laboratory manager, Thomas has overseen the whole building process and designed the new test cells.

2013 December: Just for fun, design competition for General Electric jet engine. The challenge was to design lightest possible bracket and manage some given load cases. Of almost 700 contributions from the whole world- 10 finalist were 3-D printed in Titanium and subjected to rigorous load testing. Thomas ended up in 2:nd place overall, just a couple grams away.

2013 September: Design of pre-chamber ignition for OEM project

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