Research publications by Thomas Johansson

The PhD thesis in combustion engines:

Turbocharged HCCI Engine, Improving Efficiency and Operating Range

Succesfully defended in Lund, December 10:th, 2010

Research papers on HCCI and PPC engines:

2014-01-2680: Multi Cylinder Partially Premixed Combustion Performance Using Commercial Light-Duty Engine Hardware

Presented at SAE 2014 in United Kingdom, October 2014

F201-A037: Turbocharging to extend HCCI Operating Range in a Multi Cylinder Engine- Benefits and Limitations

Presented at Fisita 2010 in Hungery, May 2010

2010-01-1490: HCCI Heat Release Data for Combustion Simulation, based on Results from a Turbocharged Multi Cylinder Engine

Presented at SAE Brasil 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Maj 2010

2009-24-0060: The Effect of Intake Temperature in a Turbocharged Multi Cylinder Engine operating in HCCI mode

Presented at ICE 2009 at Capri, Italy, September 2009

2009-01-0494: HCCI Operating Range in a Turbocharged Multi Cylinder Engine with VVT and Spray-Guided DI

Presented at SAE World Congress in Detroit, USA, April 2009

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