Powertrain solutions

Atom has a unique experience in designing different powertrains; combustion engines, hybrid and electric solutions.

By deploying the latest in CAE tools like topology optimization, FEA, CFD, multi body simulation, modal and thermal analysis- the development time can be extremely effective.

Atom can assist at any stage during the powertrain development.

Atora V-8 twin turbo engine, 1350 hp


Atom has the experience to design different types of combustion engines and can handle any engine design projects. Atom has so far been responsible for ground up engine designs in these configurations:

1-cylinder optical research

3-cylinder turbocharged

6-cylinder naturally aspirated

8-cylinder naturally aspirated and turbocharged

9-cylinder naturally aspirated

12-cylinder naturally aspirated

Design of Engine Components

Cylinder Head Design

Atom started as a cylinder head porting and dyno company to achieve maximum performance. The cylinder head design has to give the needed performance and at the same time provide high efficiency and low emissions. Atom has been able to fulfill these needs by utilizing innovative solutions to combine efficient combustion with extreme BMEP levels.

Atom has the experience of designing:

High pressure optical combustion engines

Turbocharged PPC and HCCI engines

Naturally aspirated racing engines, 2-stroke and 4-stroke

Turbocharged 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines

Camless engines

Engine Block

Atom was a pioneer in designing fully machined engine blocks. The billet engine block is perfect for prototypes and can be made in a variety of alloys, especially important when the time frame is short.

Atom W-9 CNC engine block

Piston Design

At the heart of the engine the pistons take a massive beating and the design is extremely important. Atom has designed production pistons for BMEP levels above 35 bar. One specialty is designing pistons for new combustion concepts and novelty applications.

V-8 turbo pistons

Connecting Rod Design

Atom has designed connecting rods in both steel and titanium for ultra-high performance engines where weight and strength is of absolute concern. The design starts with topology optimization and is then verified with extensive FEA to give the needed strength, stiffness and fatigue properties.

Titanium Connecting Rods

Crankshaft Design

Crankshaft design is truly a specialty at Atom and the foundation for a successful engine design. The design has to handle many aspects like weight, engine balance, lubrication needs, fatigue properties and manufacturing feasibility. Having done a variety of engine types and successful designs- Atom can do almost anything in this area.

Super light V-8 flat crankshaft for Atora Automotive at 12.3 kg

Electric Powertrain

Atom has designed a variety of electrified powertrains, both in hybrid configurations or fully electric- and can assist with the holistic powertrain view.