Atom is run by Dr. Thomas Johansson and the focus is on consultancy for advanced design and simulation.

My main expertise lays in the Powertrain and especially in combustion engines, designing components for high efficiency or extreme performance. Always relying heavily on Computer Aided Engineering or CAE tools like Topology Optimization, FEA, 1D and 3D CFD etc.

But then also realizing that if one can design and optimize an engine, one can design and optimize pretty much anything. This led me to create other parts like carbon fiber uprights, carbon fiber rims, brake calipers, suspension parts, aero upgrades, chassis and much more.

The broad experience in different designs makes Atom in a unique position to provide holistic solutions in an extremely short time frame.

Short list of my background:

Powertrain designer and CAE specialist at Koenigsegg, 2011-2020

Laboratory manager at the Combustion Research Laboratory at Lund University, 2012-2014

The Ph.D. research was done for GM and SAAB where future combustion concepts was evaluated, 2006-2010

During the M.Sc studies I was project leader and engine man for two Formula Student cars from Luleå University of Technology, which earned awards for best constructed car (Sir Henry Royce memorial foundation) and most innovative use of electronic controls (IEEE), 2002-2005

Technical Officer in the Swedish Air Force, working with the Gripen and Viggen fighter aircrafts, 1990-2001

Atom started as an engine and dyno tuning company in 1998 with some parts manufacturing for turbocharged motorcycles. Thomas has been involved in various motorsport activities and has a Swedish championship in snowmobile dragracing and is enjoying motorcycle riding in the spare time.